Project exhibition in Norway

thinking futures through art and food

Dates: 04.11.2023 – 31.12.2023
Opening Saturday, 04.11.2023 kl. 12:00
Place: Vitenparken campus Ås, Ås, Norway

“Art+Food+Next Generation” is a collaborative project between Vitenparken Campus Ås and the Rucka Art Foundation in Latvia. The project uses art and food as mediums to reflect critically and creatively challenge the current and future environmental crises. The target group is youth aged 10 to 18 and the purpose is to engage them in a series of creative and experimental art activities.

So far the project has arranged an online workshop series followed by a week-long festival in Latvia in July 2023 including onsite workshops, exhibitions, and performances. Additionally, the project developed a DIY art kit titled “Eat+Art,” which was sent to 150 pupils across Latvia. A short film centered on the project’s thematic focus has also been produced.

“Art+Food+Next Generation” is realized by an interdisciplinary team of artists, experts, and chefs from both countries. The project team comes from a variety of fields, such as visual arts, performance, design, media arts, technology, bio-arts, environmental sciences, and gastronomy. The Norwegian team is artists Kirsty Kross, Annike Flo, The Center for Genomic Gastronomy, and Anthropocene Kitchen. Youth are actively engaged as co-creators who contribute to shaping all project activities and artistic outcomes.
The “Art+Food+Next Generation” project offers youth a playful and experimental possibility to use art as a fantastic tool for questioning, dreaming, and shaping the uncertain futures facing them today.

We invite you to explore the results of this year-long journey.

The project has been realized with the support of the European Economic Area (EEA) Grants Financial Mechanism funding period 2014 – 2021 program “Local Development, Poverty Reduction, and Cultural Cooperation” open call “Support for the Creation of Professional Art and Cultural Products for Children and Youth”.