Onsite Workshop #5 Space Salad & Space Seed Savers

About the workshop

Should humans try to make a permanent home in outer space? If so, what are they going to eat? This workshop asks participants to reflect on life in space and vote on whether or not humans can take off the Earth while also creating off-planet settlements. In order to do so, we will re-enact the first salad grown and eaten on the International Space Station, and become space seed savers.

During the workshop, participants will harvest and cook with varieties of plants that were made in outer space. They will be able to taste, cook and save the seeds from the various ingredients, choosing how to pass on the genetic information of the space vegetables. While working together in the kitchen, some of the questions, we will try to answer together are: What makes the good life on Earth or in space? What should space meals taste like, and what should be grown? Are space vegetables worth preserving here on Earth? Will there be conviviality in outer space?

About artists

Genomic Gastronomy is an artist-led think tank launched in 2010 by Cathrine Kramer (Norway) and Zack Denfeld (U.S.) that examines the biotechnologies and biodiversity of human food systems. Their mission is to map food controversies, prototype alternative culinary futures, and imagine a more just, biodiverse & beautiful food system.

The Center presents its research on the organisms and environments manipulated by human food cultures in the form of public lectures, research publications, meals, and exhibitions. Since 2013 they have been joined by the artist Emma Conley (U.S.) and have collaborated with scientists, chefs, hackers, and farmers in Europe, Asia, and North America.