Onsite Workshop #4 Gaming the Alien

About the workshop

Together we will invent a real-life interactive game based on the “alien” species, the signal crayfish that is taking over Latvian river and lake ecosystems. We will make costumes and props and formulate a physical game onsite in which local species and fishermen “battle” to protect their ecosystem from the signal crayfish. Or will the signal crayfish win and then become cannibals? The workshop also includes presentation with local biologist as well as testing potential crayfish dishes cooked up by a chef. Would you like to try a Signal Crayfish in Chilli Chocolate Sauce?

About artist

Kirsty Kross is an eco-feminist artist whose practice includes performance, music, drawing, painting, and installation. Her work focuses largely on human relationships to the attention economy and increasing ecological, economic, and political uncertainties. She tries to find ways of engaging audiences with these difficult subjects through darkly absurd and humorous interventions. Kirsty Kross holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History from the University of Queensland and a Master’s Degree in Art in Context from the Berlin University of the Arts.