Online workshops

We embarked on a spectacular journey into the world of future foods! In our online workshop, with the assistance of artificial intelligence, we envisioned the most extraordinary meals for the future. From unicorn dust to dragon meat, and creatures never before seen, we visualized the wonderful meals that could be part of a utopian future. Utilizing AI, we speculated, imagined, and pictured these foods together.
Do you have friends that are not human? Chances are you have a lot more of them than what you think! In this workshop we got to know some of the organisms that we can become friends with and collaborate together. We questioned who is in control of this friendship, weather it is humans or our friends. By working together we got to know yeast a lot better, and we made an oozing art installation with the help of our new friend - yeast, which as it turns out is actually a very old friend of humankind!
Do you believe in aliens? Many people are obsessed with stories of alien encounters and the search for alien life. However, there can also be plant and animal aliens which take over ecosystems and environments. In this workshop, we focused on the Signal Crayfish - an aquatic “alien” species invading the lakes and rivers in Latvia, and made our own alien, crayfish costumes. We plotted a potential meeting of aliens to plan ecological takeovers and the possibility of eventual cannibalistic outcomes. 
Should humans try to make a permanent home in outer space? If so, what are they going to eat? This workshop asks participants to reflect on life in space and vote on whether or not humans can take off the Earth while also creating off-planet settlements. Using a combination of interactive polls, tasting experiments and satellite spotting this workshop help us ask, is there festivity in outer space? What will space meals taste like, and what should be grown? What makes the good life on Earth or in space?