Online Workshop #1 Cooking with AI – Artificial Intelligence

We embarked on a spectacular journey into the world of future foods! In our online workshop, with the assistance of artificial intelligence, we envisioned the most extraordinary meals for the future. From unicorn dust to dragon meat, and creatures never before seen, we visualized the wonderful meals that could be part of a utopian future. Utilizing AI, we speculated, imagined, and pictured these foods together. Following the workshop, the AI-generated ideas were transformed into edible objects such as mermaid soup and edible clouds that were part of the culinary and performative show in Cesis.

About artists

The Anthropocene Kitchen is an artistic research project consisting of artists Stahl Stenslie (Norway) and Zane Cerpina (Latvia/Norway). They investigate the most innovative and speculative ideas about new foods within the field of arts, design, science & technology. The project rethinks our eating traditions, challenges food taboos, and proposes new recipes for survival in times of dark-ecological catastrophes. This takes the form of public food experiments, cooking performances, and discussion evenings. From Ant(i)pasti to meal-in-a-pill and cooking the last dragon on the earth, Anthropocene Kitchen is a hands-on investigation of future cuisine. |