Exhibition in Norway

Dates: 4th of November – 31st of December, 2023
Place: Vitenparken Campus Ås, Norway

The project’s exhibition is currently on display at Vitenparken Campus Ås. The exhibition runs from the November 4th a until the end of 2023, offering an overview of project’s many experimental and artistic outcomes. The exhibition features a collection of posters from various stages of the project, including the festival in Latvia, the online workshops, and the DIY art kit.

In addition to these visual displays, the exhibition is enhanced by interactive elements that engage visitors in imaginative ways. Attendees are invited to share their thoughts on what future food might be like, providing a space for creativity and speculation. The exhibition also offers a unique experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the perspectives of a space traveler, an alien, and even our non-human friend, yeast!

This blend of visual and interactive elements makes for an enriching and thought-provoking visit. We encourage you to contribute your ideas and experience the wonders of imagination at our exhibition in Ås.