DIY art kit box “Eat+Art”

About the DIY art kit “EAT+ART”

With a vision to blend the worlds of art and food, the Art+Food+Next Generation project team embarked on an exciting venture: to develop the “Eat+Art” DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kit. We set an ambitious goal and realized it by producing 150 experimental DIY art kits. 

Everyone was invited to join this journey. Via a simple sign-up on our website, children and youth (10 – 18 years) from all across the Latvia could receive these kits, delivered right to their doorsteps, absolutely free of charge. The DIY art kit boxes were distributed in October 2023. 

The individual projects within the kit:

Space Seeds by Center for Genomic Gastronomy: Plant seeds that grew in space! Inside you will find seeds and a poster to help you grow them.

Mermaid AI by Anthropocene Kitchen: Create your very own mermaid with AI (Artificial Intelligence)! Follow the poster’s instructions and use the included marzipan to make it tasty.

Alien Claw by Kirsty Kross: Make your own signal crayfish claw with the cut-out poster. Put it on and pretend to be an alien creature!

Mushroom Monster Mash by Annike Flo: Grow a mushroom friend, decorate it, and then eat it! You will find all necessary tools inside this box.

Plate of the Future by Alise Kinasta: Paint your vision of what food will look like in the future on the plate. You will find instructions, white plate, special paint, and brush inside.