Onsite Workshop #5 Space Salad & Space Seed Savers

Should humans try to make a permanent home in outer space? If so, what are they going to eat? This workshop asks participants to reflect on life in space and vote on whether or not humans can take off the Earth while also creating off-planet settlements. In order to do so, we will re-enact the first salad grown and eaten on the International Space Station, and become space seed savers.

Onsite Workshop #4 Gaming the Alien

Together we will invent a real-life interactive game based on the “alien” species, the signal crayfish that is taking over Latvian river and lake ecosystems. We will make costumes and props and formulate a physical game onsite in which local species and fishermen “battle” to protect their ecosystem from the signal crayfish. Or will the signal crayfish win and then become cannibals? The workshop also includes presentation with local biologist as well as testing potential crayfish dishes cooked up by a chef. Would you like to try a Signal Crayfish in Chilli Chocolate Sauce?

Onsite Workshop #3 Metabolic Union

In this exciting workshop, participants created unique works of art in collaboration with an organism from another species – the oyster mushroom. The children used used clothes to create a new, eco-friendly street fashion. Experimenting with various DIY textile products and mushroom cultivation techniques, the result was clothing that, after the workshop was taken over and transformed by oyster mushrooms. Each participant took home their unique clothing-art piece to grow oyster mushrooms over the next four weeks.

Onsite Workshop #2 Plate 2173

In this workshop, children and youth transformed their visions of the future into magnificent art pieces on porcelain plates. This creative process allowed the participants to express which gardening secrets they think are important to pass on to the next generations. At the end of the workshop, each participant took home their own future plate.

Onsite Workshop #1 Future Pizza!

Anthropocene Kitchen (Stahl Stenslie and Zane Cerpina), together with workshop participants, created fantastic visions of future food using the artificial intelligence program Midjourney. The participants visualized what pizza might look like in the near and distant future. Meanwhile, the chefs Ēriks Dreibants and Justīne Kalēja from the restaurant “Pavāru Māja” helped the youth to turn their ideas into delicious pizzas.